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Truck accidents can be complicated and often involve multiple parties: drivers, trucking companies, logistics companies and corporate products manufacturers and distributors. Our experienced Truck Accident Lawyer at our firm have a proven and established track record of getting maximum compensation for the people injured in accidents involving all kinds of trucks. Our big team has accident reconstructionist and investigators that can be arranged to the accident scene to start building a case quickly for you. If case involves significant fatalities and damages, we’ve a network of professional witnesses like life care planners and economists to help in educating a jury and judge about the impacts of the accident on our clients.

Years Of Experience

Our law firm has years of experience dealing with truck accident cases, truck companies and even insurance companies. We will fight hard to get the money that you deserve, as you should not be left holding bills for the negligence of the truck companies.
Our truck accident lawyers are highly experienced and can assist with your trucking accident cases easily and efficiently. We are available to help 24/7 and you will get a free consultation always with us. Do not wait, as there may be some time limits to the claim.

Best Lawyers

We have the best in industry lawyers who have dedicated their legal practice to truck accident cases only.

No Win, No Fees

Our lawyers work on contingency fees basis, means that there will be no fees, until we win the case for you.

Great Representation

We fight hard and aggressively to offer the best possible legal representation to all our truck accident clients.

Our law firm is founded on powerful belief: people who have suffered serious truck accident cases deserve superior legal counsel.

Serving truck accident victims in such a way is what has resulted in lifelong relationships with our clients throughout Alabama.

Truck accident law is what we do. So, if you have been hurt due to the truck driver’s negligence, fast speed, or bad products in truck, our experienced Truck Accident Lawyer are there to help you. You can trust our team of experts to work on your case for you.
During the years of our working in this industry, we have collected million o dollars in settlements and verdicts for the people like you. We handle all the cases on contingency fees basis where you will never be charged a legal fee until we make a recovery for your damages and injuries.